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Professional Civil Infra Private Limited (PCIPL) is one of the leading infrastructure consulting firm having pan India presence offering a wide range of conceptual, strategic, operational and superior technical expertise. PCIPL provides technical consulting services such as design and project management for various projects such as roads, railways, buildings and other infrastructure projects..

We are a team of trained and experienced professionals with focus on innovation, value engineering, commitment and customer orientation.

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Wide range of services

We offer wide range of services in the field of Roads, Buildings, Architecture and Infrastructure Planning, CAD works, Toll Plaza and Surveys & Investigations

Our Ideal Services

we're providing enhanced services

We always try to endeavor to build the connection between the competent executors and the decision makers by providing consulting services at various stages of infrastructure projects in a comprehensive manner.


Design Engineering

We undertake designing of industrial and commercial buildings.


Road Safety Auditing

Our core competency is in managing complex construction projects from concept to completion



We are able to provide services that encompass all phases of construction from pre-planning, budgets, and scheduling

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With our team, our technology and expertise, we are working together with local governments and customers to build capability, train talent and co-create innovative solutions that will continue to fuel growth in the field. With the expertise and commitment the progress of the company is graphically presented for easy understanding.

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